Master the "visual war" on social networks with 9 free design tools for marketers

 Not everyone can afford expensive graphic design software. In this article, let's explore 9 popular free graphic design applications that marketers can use for their work. 1. Canva Canva is probably a software that is no longer strange to marketers. This application possesses a huge resource store with more than 500 fonts, 60,000 free templates and a treasure trove of images and unique effects, helping users freely create their own design publications. The application's features are designed simply with drag and drop, so that marketers without design experience can easily use it. Currently, designs on Canva are increasingly being upgraded with many new features such as: Text To Image photo editor allows users to create images from short descriptive sentences AI Magic toolkit is used to replace, delete, and swap objects in photos Translate is used to translate text in design Beat Sync allows video footage to be synchronized to the beat of the music Brand Hub pr

Storipress - All-in-one no code JAMstack publishing platform

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